“Slow Ice Production”

Picture this. You are running a restaurant down here in Naples, Florida. Summer is here, as are the throngs of tourists. You go into your fine establishment to get prepared for the day, only to find that the ice machine is working slowly. Well, that might not be so bad. It is not like that is the end of the world. Then the lunch rush hits. It is not possible for you to fill up people’s cups with ice, since there is only so much left. Your patrons grow more and more dissatisfied, and the bad internet reviews start flowing in. 

Then the rush subsides. A blazing midday sun gives way to an afternoon and evening that is far less intense. The people here for dinner begin filtering in, and again there is not enough ice for them to be satisfied. When the community remembers your restaurant, they remember it as the restaurant with not quite enough ice. That is a big deal down here in Naples. 

At Preston’s AC, we know how vital it is for your restaurant. As part of our services to the community, we have prepared a list of common problems and how they are fixed. 

Electrical Issues 

This is the most common one. Sometimes, the problem originates with improper machine installation. Another major factor in causing electrical issues is sensor failure. 

Generally, when a restaurant goes from decently popular to incredibly popular, they need more ice. We love it when we see our fellow Naples small businesses do well. However, they started off with an ice machine that has a smaller capacity than what they would eventually need. Business owners change the settings of their machines, thinking it is far cheaper than calling a professional. 

We recommend never doing that. The temptation to do so is obvious, and we completely get that. Ice machines can be fairly sensitive. When someone makes an ice machine do actions it was never designed to do, the machine does not run effectively. A restaurant owner needs to buy an ice machine that can meet demands now and in the future. 

In the same vein, we recommend avoiding the sensors without the help of a trained professional. Unless the restaurant owner knows precisely what they are doing with their machine, then they may cause problems. 

Insufficient Refrigerant 

A common problem with ice machines is an insufficient amount of refrigerant material. Occasionally, the cause of this issue is not filling up all the way. More often than not, a small leak forms, causing you to lose refrigerant. 

A restaurant owner sometimes feels the need to check the refrigerant themselves. Every single time that happens, up to an ounce of refrigerant is lost. Due to natural wear and tear, leaks also form. When this happens, there is very little you can do except call a professional. 

When your refrigerant is not where it needs to be, the ice machine may go into a state of super heating or sub cooling. Both of these are adverse to the running of the machine. 

When you have a problem with your ice machine, do not hesitate to call us. We offer quick, efficient, and friendly service.