Buying the Right Ice Machine

An ice machine is a type of restaurant equipment that is used to store and produce ice for customers or for commercial kitchens. These commercial ice machines can make a lot of ice quickly, normally within a few hours due to its freezing ice tray capabilities and the water source attachment. Other than cubes, there are also other types of machines that can make nugget ice and flake ice, depending on the application you need it for. In either case, this equipment will deliver top quality ice for your business. 

Many ice machine problems can be avoided by buying the right ice machine for your location. A few of the top brands include Ice-O-Matic , Kold-Draft , and Hoshizaki . All three of these brands are available from Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC , where we take care of and provide our customers with only the best and highest quality ice machines. Contact Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC today to find out more about our ice machines availability.