Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

In Florida, air conditioning units are running constantly. It is very difficult to beat this heat. When an air conditioning system is running constantly, certain parts are wearing down. The system strains itself more the longer it runs. At Preston’s AC, we run regular air conditioning checks to ensure that your small problems do not become big problems.


Naples Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

We understand that your employees and your customers want to go about their days in comfort. Comfortable employees work better, and a hot and sweaty customer is not a happy customer. In order to find and deal with a problem before it causes issues, you should schedule regular maintenance with Preston’s AC.

We will send one of our trained, certified, and experienced technicians out to your place of business to ensure that your air conditioning unit is running efficiently. As a business, you cannot afford to waste money, and we understand that. Part of our inspection involves checking to guarantee your air conditioning is running without waste.

If you are a business owner, you need to take care of your business. We make sure to take care of your air conditioning so you can focus on your work. With Preston’s AC, your air conditioning will be running smoothly. You will not have to worry about it at all. We have experience with every brand, and every type of air conditioning system.

Naples Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

As a homeowner, you have very many things to keep track of. We get this. At Preston’s AC, we want to make owning a home as painless as possible. Part of our commitment to citizens of Lee and Collier counties is our residential air conditioning maintenance.

The professionals at Preston’s AC have sharp eyes and a wealth of experience to call upon when inspecting your unit. Fall and spring are the best times for maintenance. We recommend it all year round, too. This is the best way to ensure that small problems do not become big problems.

There are many preventative measures that can be taken. At Preston’s AC, we take them all. Your air conditioning system has a large amount of moving parts, or parts that can lose effectiveness over time. A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes.

Customer Service

We have been in business since the 1970’s. Trends have come and gone. We have been right here, in Southwest Florida, serving the community. Success means many things to many people. We do not measure our success in dollars. Rather, we measure our success in the comfort of the people of Fort Myers and Naples.

Every member of our staff, from our technicians to the customer service representatives who field the calls, have a reputation for complete attention to detail. When you contact Preston’s AC, you know you are getting comprehensive, efficient, and reliable service.

If you have any questions about air conditioning maintenance, be it commercial or residential, do not hesitate to call us today. When you want to have your unit inspected, call us.

About Our Company

With over 30 years of experience, Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliances LLC serves the heating and air conditioning service needs of home and business owners in Southern Florida with quality you can trust and customer service you can depend on. We appreciate your interest and look forward to earning your business. We offer the fastest and most reliable service in the area, and we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Our skilled professionals provide the knowledge and experience to help you select the best high-efficiency system for your home’s heating and A/C needs, and use only the finest tools and materials to service and repair your existing A/C system, no matter what brand it is.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Special

We are now running a $49.95 21 point Air Conditioning clean and check out a special saving of over $150 dollars!! We will go over your entire Air Conditioning system check the Freon, check the blower motor and condenser fan motor amp compressor, and clean the condenser coil.

At Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC we never charge a service call fee or overtime rate and to find out what’s wrong with your Commercial or Residential System or Appliance all it costs you is $50 diagnostic fee. It does not get any better than that. A saving of over $200 dollars!!

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