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Need to run a blog from within your website?

User View Components

Login Box

Typically, this component can be placed anywhere, however by default we have placed it into the top right corner of this website design. Once you're logged in, the login box will dissapear. It is often used if you have guest bloggers, or if you require visitors to sign in to leave a comment on a blog posting


Registration Box

The registration box is an optional component that can be used if you have a potential for new web users to sign up for an account.


Registration is unavailable for this group.

Menu Component

The links component, if included with your package, is pre-placed into the top menu once you are logged in. This list displayed are of links to your blogs.

Multiple Blogs, Dynamically, Integrated Seamlessly into your site

Now you can run a blog, from right in your website's pages.

Post your own blog articles from your administrative area, or allow guest bloggers to post via the website itself.

System Requirements

Be sure to check your web server environment with your web hosting provider to make sure that it means the following requirements.

  • Server OS: Linux or Unix
  • Web Server: Apache 2 with mod_rewrite and .htaccess files
  • Server Software: PHP 5+, MySQL 5+
  • Not compatible with websites running FrontPage Extensions, or Windows Servers (IIS)

Display Component

The display component can be placed on any static page (example: myblog.htm). You can either link to your static page with the "display component" on it, or use the BLOG LINKS component to dynamically link to any blog.

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