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dishwasher repair

Dishwasher Repair

Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher in 1887, because her servants kept chipping her dining ware. Since 1887, dishwashers have broken down, worked inefficiently, and otherwise been a hassle for homeowners across the country.

When your dishwasher breaks down, it can be a total nightmare. Hand washing dishes takes up an inordinate amount of time. It is also incredibly wasteful in terms of how much water is used. Most importantly, dishwashers help keep you healthy. The high temperatures of the water, along with the cleaning agents in the soap, eliminate bacteria that hand washing cannot. Studies have conclusively proven that dishwashers are far more effective in eliminating disease-causing organisms than hand washing is.

Common Dishwasher Problems

The most common problems with dishwashers regards draining and filling. Sometimes, a dishwasher will not drain sufficiently, or not drain at all. Other times, the water will not reach the point it needs to. There can be other problems with the water as well. Occasionally, the water will not become hot enough to effectively clean your dishes. Water can even spill out onto your floor.

Mechanical issues are also typical in dishwashers. We have seen dishwasher doors which do not lock. The door might fall down in the middle of the cycle. You need the arm at the bottom to spin around, to ensure that all of the dishes are being cleaned. When this is not working, your dishes are not being washed properly.

Naples Dishwasher Repair

At Preston’s AC, we have seen a whole host of problems related to dishwashers. Our reliable, certified, and experienced technicians are here to help. We are experienced with many different brands, and know the fixes to every problem. In addition, we provide warranty support.

Naples Customer Service

Reputation is important to us. We understand that repeat service is earned, not given. At Preston’s AC, we work hard so that you are totally satisfied with the experience. Our service is comprehensive. We offer dishwasher repair, installation, and servicing.

We understand that you are hard-working and busy, and we will work around your schedule. Your dishwasher might not break at a time that is opportune for you, and we understand that. We are available to fix your unit when it is convenient for you.

One of our biggest calling cards is attention to detail. From our highly-skilled technicians to our customer service representatives, the importance of complete service is taught and respected. We have been in business for more than 40 years, and our professionalism shows.

Dishwasher Tips

Never use Drano to help your dishwasher drain. When the dishwasher does not drain, it is almost always a pump issue. Drano will not help. In many cases, it causes more problems that is helps.

Do not overcrowd the dishwasher. The water needs to go everywhere. When you stack plates, there is no way water is going to hit it. It will be like you never washed it at all.

Avoid using dish soap when washing dishes. Products such as Dawn can cause serious damage to your unit, which says nothing of the giant mess it will make.

If you have any questions about dishwasher repair, do not hesitate to call us today. When you authorize the technician to go out and work on your dishwasher, the service call is free.

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The Best Customer Service In Town

Our goal at Preston's Air Conditioning And Appliances LLC is to deliver the best Dishwasher service, repair and Installation in the Collier and Lee County. We are the original Appliance Rescue Service and we take pride in our top tier reputation. We repair all brands of appliances no matter where you bought them and offer the very best in warranty support. Our service call is always free when you authorize the technician to proceed with the repairs needed. Give us a call today and let us put one of our experienced technicians to work for you.

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What our Clients Say!

Very Good Experience, right from the initial phone call. Called 5:30 pm, and was told they would be here between 9-10 am the next day. Preston showed up right at 9am. He knew what the issue was with my fridge. He took it apart, cleaned up the water, and put everything back nice and neat and ordered the part. The part was not in stock locally, so he had the part Fed-Ex'ed overnight delivery. Just rec'd a phone call that he is on his way with the part

Patti Lyons 

What our Clients Say!

We Call Preston's Air Conditioning And Appliance when our Air Conditioning stop working and they where out within the hour and found a bad capacitor and had my a/c running again good job sidney Thank for the fast service

kathy durney 

What our Clients Say!

Called and received service the next day. Courteous, timely, professional and completed the small job on dryer in several minutes. Job well done will use the service again. I recommend Preston's ACAppliances wholeheartedly.

Joseph Gardner 

What our Clients Say!

Great service at a fair price. Highly recommended!

Robert Desai 

What our Clients Say!

5 starSidney fixed our AC problem quickly and inexpensively compared to the others that said only six year old unit needed to be replaced. He has since worked on our other central AC unit and done great job. Friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend to Marco Island and Naples area.

 Thomas Lang

What our Clients Say!

This company gave me service in one day. Very professional, honest, and the price is right!!!! I will use them everytime I have an issue.

Christie Perino 

What our Clients Say!

Sidney Came To Check Our Refrigerator And Had It up And Running In No Time

Thank From JB from Bonita

What our Clients Say!

Thank You Sidney For The Fast Service On Our A/C Repair You Repair The Leak In My Outside Unit When The Other Company Said It Could Not Be Repaired

Good Job Marco Island

What our Clients Say!

Thank Sidney For Repairing My Dryer I had Another Company Come Out And They Said I Needed A new Motor But You Check It Out And Said They Left The Motor Unplug And All I needed WAS A Switch And You Repair It

Thank Ann For Naples.

What our Clients Say!

Saturday night just got back from shopping at SAMs club and notice my fridge is not working!!Omg. I panicked! Called... Sears that was a joke. They told me maybe Tuesday ! So I googled emergency appliance repair and Preston's Air Conditioning and Appliance came up! He was there within the hour and found a faulty plug. Awesome! He was so nice and polite. He charged me $35 which was the diagnosis fee. This company will be on my speed dial for any air conditioning or appliance problem. I'm impressed and I don't impress very easily. Thank you so much Sidney Preston your the best!